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In the trend-heavy cyclical world of dance music, news is spreading fast of a fresh new production team that defies easy categorization. Señor Stereo is the collective consciousness of three young DJ/producers with a bold yet mature approach to party music. Using the history of disco as an anchor, Danny Gomez, Joe Masurka and Matt Masurka have produced a debut album that successfully captures the many moods of the dance floor.The Unintentional EP is Señor Stereo's first release on Slow Roast Records, a new imprint distributed by indie powerhouse Fool's Gold. Containing five songs that range from moody jazz-tinged disco (Unintentional), to italo-influenced synth burners (I am the Beat, Simple Love, and Dancing Time), to upbeat disco-house (Hot Damn!), the Unintentional EP manages to be equally sophisticated and fun, mature and accessible, emotional and catchy.


Senor Stereo - Unintentional EP - The Remixes

Senor Stereo

Unintentional EP - The Remixes

SR004 - Released 01/11/2011

Senor Stereo - Unintentional EP

Senor Stereo

Unintentional EP

SR002 - Released 06/29/2010